With changing the computer system, you will have to re-sign in to online banking.  Your username and password from the OLD system is no longer valid.  You will need to create your online banking profile.

Navigate to www.weycocreditunion.com – click on online banking.

Screenshot of online banking login screen

For First time users
User name = member number
Password = last 4 of the SSN

It will prompt you to first choose a new PASSWORD.  This can be the same as the old system.

Next it will have you pick 3 different security questions and answer them.  One of these will be asked for security measures every time you log into online banking.

Next it will ask for you to choose your USERNAME – this can be the same as your old one, as long as it doesn’t contain your first or last name. 

***BILL PAY – remains the same and is in the new online banking. ***